Who we are

The Human Lab is an interactive space for people of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to connect, feel and belong.

We designed and facilitated interactive group experiences of connection for hundreds of participants in communities, companies and organization around the Arab region.

What we do

Our work covers the following three main areas:

Interactive Group Experiences

We design and deliver interactive group experiences to deepen connection for remote/hybrid teams, community members, and attendees of events/conferences.

For public experiences,
visit here.

For corporates & events, click here.

Arab Social Health Research

We research and create new work in social and emotional health for the Arab world. 

Our bilingual content (Arabic/ English) investigates outdated societal norms, toxic words and unconscious social behaviours.

Group Facilitation Training

We train leaders of communities and organizations on how to create safe containers  and interactive spaces of belonging and connection.


Our training equip leaders with all skills required for both online and in person facilitation.

Where we exist

We bring connection and community work to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Our work is designed for every space and every corner in the Arab world, from east to west, and from online to face-to-face experiences. We continue
 to spread love, belonging and peace to heal the region from disconnection.

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