What's The Human Lab?

The Human Lab is a platform offering live and interactive group training for the unknown. We combine science, art and spirituality to create mind-bending experiments and unlock subconscious awareness from the space of the unknown.

Our work is focused on two main areas:

1. Team Xperiences: Growing and connecting teams within companies to build psychologically safe workspaces for employees.


2. Human Xperiments: Transforming people through interactive group experiences inspired by theatre, music, and meditation.

We’ve been witnessing how the field of human development has been growing its focus towards improving the conscious mind, giving people answers, and teaching people the “known” (processes, best practices, techniques, tips,…).

This has created an outside dependency on others for human growth and an addiction to consuming self-development content (books, conferences, courses, online content…).

So, few years ago, we asked ourselves: How might we instead connect people with their inner selves and help them find their own answers?

We started experimenting around combining theatre, music, and meditation as tools to connect people to their subconscious mind and immerse them in the unknown. Instead of delivering answers and then expecting learners to find a way to fit them back into their lives, we designed experiments and created unknown spaces that are safely shared between people, in which they could find their own answers. The results were fascinating!

Learners became simultaneously the researchers and the subjects of their own Xperiments. They were able to find their own unique answers and create their own best practices in a lab-like environment, with minimum content delivered.

With this, the field of Experimental Self-Development emerged. And, The Human Lab was born!

How did it all start?



We Experiri

We see life as one big experiment and humans are its subjects.


Both words “experiment” and “experience” originate from the same Latin word “Experiri”, which means “to try, test”


Our ultimate goal is to gift people the chance to experience life with curiosity and open mind, and to “experiri” the unknown within.

We Simulate the Unknown

We believe everyone holds wisdom and answers within themselves, but lacks the right experience of navigating the unknown.


We unlock answers by navigating the unknown in a shared and safe space. A shared space is necessary for co-creation, while a safe space is crucial for free expression.

We simulate the unknown with all its mystery and uncertainty.

We Feel, Act, then Think

In The Human Lab, we feel before we act, and act before we think (Feel, Act, Think).

Feeling is how we hypothesize and come up with an idea. Acting is how we test ideas and collect data. Thinking is how we create conclusions and attach meaning.

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