Team Experiences

Our interactive Team Experiences support organizations in building psychologically-safe workspaces for employees in remote/hybrid teams working in different locations.

While employees may feel disconnected from their colleagues and their work culture when working remotely online, our ultimate goal is to strengthen team connection, teamwork, engagement, optimism and belonging within the workplace.

To date, we have designed and delivered our highly interactive Team Experiences online for hundreds of participants in organizations/communities around the world.

*Psychological safety is a term coined by Harvard Business professor Amy Edmonson in 1999 and backed up by a two-year-long study at Google of what creates the most successful teams. It is the “shared belief held by members of the team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.”

Our Team Experiences are customized to the need of your organization or community. Depending on the goals or values you aim to promote within your teams, we tailor our online safe containers  to achieve one or more of the following outcomes: 


Strengthen your team bond and sense of belonging.


Boost engagement, teamwork and optimism within teams.


Create spaces for your teams to deeply connect with one another.


Facilitate conversations, hard talks, and resolve conflicts.


Boost emotional awareness and understanding of others.


Support employees to express their ideas with one another in a shared space.

Bring Team Experiences to Your Organization/Event


An Interactive experience to deepen human connection and understanding within teams.

Duration:  2 hours, up to a full day.

​Theme: Slow-Paced & Deep Connection.

Outcome: Empathy, understanding, connection,
self-awareness, conflict resolution, hard-talk.


An interactive experience to fuel optimism, creativity and teamwork within teams.

Duration:  2 hours up to a full Day.

​Theme: Fast-Paced and Collaborative Connection.

Outcome: Boost creativity, engagement, communication,

teamwork, confidence, adaptability, and optimism.



A mind-expanding experience for teams to brainstorm

new ideas using the subconscious mind.​​

Duration:  Full day.

​Theme: Brainstorming, meditative, and collaborate connection.

Outcome: co-creation of new strategies, products, and ideas

for the future.


Acting and Roleplay services for trainings and simulations.

Highly experienced team of professional actors and roeleplayers who can support your learning and development initiatives in Customer Service, Sales, Assessment Centres, leadership and many more.


We can design Your Own Learning Experience for your team.

We can design and customize any experiment depending on the outcomes you’d like to achieve for your teams. ​
For inspiration, please refer to our wide database of Xperiments we deliver privately for groups.

See you in our next event!

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