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The uncomfortable feeling one gets after ending a story (e.g. graduating from school/college or resigning from a job) comes from both ending the familiar and also from stepping into an overwhelming space of endless possibilities.

Will I start a new job? Will I switch industries, or start my own business? Do I study sciences or art? Do I go for local university or do I study abroad? Will I succeed in my new job?...

To navigate this overwhelmingly boundless space where anything can happen, one must understand that the uncertainty and discomfort of the unknown comes from its infinite number of possibilities.

How we navigate the unknown today

Our inability to tolerate the discomfort and fear of not knowing, moves us towards attempting to analyse the unanalysable, and to structure the boundless unknown.

The tools and skills we mostly use today to navigate the unknown are cognitive, ranging from problem solving and analytical skills, to external learning through mentors, books, courses, online content...

Those tools and skills have helped us over the centuries, and will continue to help us, in our pursuit of making the unknown known, while maintaining our safety and protection against danger.

Yes, the unknown can sometimes be dangerous and threatening (especially when our basic life needs are endangered).

But, here is a thing...

Most often, the unknown is a beautifully safe space! It's a space that holds answers we've never expected, and opens up new doors for us towards a more enlightened and conscious life.

Every time we try to remove the discomfort of the unknown, we are suppressing its possibilities and declining to receive its healing answers.

We are losing a chance to see a beautiful life we could have lived!

An alternative approach to navigating the unknown

Since the unknown has no boundaries, any analytical tool or cognitive skill are short of helping us reap the full powers of the boundless gifts we could possibly receive. Those tools might help us reveal part of the mystery, but the rest of the unknown will always remain unexplained.

The alternative we require is a skill that immerse us in the unknown despite not knowing. An approach that opens up the space rather than restricts it. A tool that allows us to reap the benefits of unknown, even without being able to explain it.

That tool can be.... ART.

Navigating the unknown requires us to be like artists rather than analytical thinkers or problem solvers.

Art is not just a work of creation, a painting, a drawing, a furniture piece, or theatre show... it's a way of life!

It's living life as though one does not know; constantly remaking the meaning of it in the now and then.

It's treating one's life like a delicate piece of art that can take many contradictory meanings and can be interpreted in millions of different ways. It's approaching the unknown and admiring its mysteries without fully understanding its magic.

Living live artistically is the best way to expand our mould to the infinite possibilities and the vastness of the unknown without falling for the overwhelm and anxiety of an uncertain future.

Let's open up the space of the unknown through artful living.

Yours in Mystery,

Naser & The Human Lab team


We make it a must that all our sessions and experiences are fueled by different forms of arts (theatre, improv, music, games,…). Our attendees are encouraged to be artists in the way they investigate themselves, others and the world around them.

Because of this artistic approach to navigating the unknown, all our learning experiences end up being fun and entertaining. They are designed to feel like play and rather than work. The outcome is enlightening entertainment!

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