• Naser AL


Photo by Dan Farrell

No matter how much we try to keep a grip on life, we will always end up having big part of our lives out of our control. It's a scary thing to live in the unknown.

And so most of us decide to almost always stay in the known.

Over-Living in the known

When we are forcing life to always be lived in the "known", we are leading an impossible mission in pursuit of constant anxiety and false control.

It's very common that we find ourselves constantly trying to eliminate or escape the space of the unknown. Every time we encounter a mystery, our impulse is to figure it out or find a solution for it, all the while it was never a problem.

The more we figure out life, the more we reclaim our agency and choice in life. This is healthy, up until the point when we start to perceive life as our sole creation and step into a cause-and-effect world of pure reasoning.

Life as unknown

Yes, the world is ruled by reason and intelligence. . . both our intelligence of what we know, and the higher intelligence of what we don't know.

When we encounter the unknown, sit still with it, and embrace it, we may risk losing our peace by going against the rational current of certainty lovers. . .

We may end up being called lazy or self-destructive,

Or as though we are drifting away without a purpose in this life.

We may appear as enslaved to the ever-changing variables of the unknown.

Or as though we are conspiring with chaos to participate in the destruction of the now.

Life lived in the unknown is a dangerous life, said by the known addicts.

When we allow life to be lived in the mystery of the unknown, we are embracing another dimension that is not ruled by the constants of what we know. We are allowing the uncontrollable variables to be seen and observed with curiosity whilst at play in our lives.

We will start to understand that variables are beautiful patterns of the unknown. They are the regenerating, self-healing, and evolutionary forces of the universe, working for us (without pitching their mission to us).

Life as an experiment

The best way to design a life embracing the unknown is to see it as an experiment.

Life is one big experiment and humans are its subjects.

And we can choose to simultaneously be the researchers and the subjects of our own lives. This way we can develop a curiosity towards mystery and towards ourselves. We can begin to trace our unique answers within (the answers that were there all along hiding behind the known!).

If the uncontrollable variables of the unknown are embraced and incorporated in the equation of our life experiment, we can start to train for the wholeness of life including the unknown.

We can start to embrace ourselves as beings of mystery rather robots of logic, and maybe even for a while, start to feel more alive.

There is no better way to live life than living it fully in all its knowns and mysteries.

Time to train ourselves for the unknown.

Yours in Mystery,

Naser & The Human Lab team

----------------------------------- While almost everyone teaches the known, our sessions and experiences train participants to navigate the unknown, Every participant taking part in our Xperiments is also a researcher themselves, and therefore can draw personal conclusions of their own and witness personal growth during and after the Xperiment. If you'd like to join The Human Lab sessions, join our mailing list to learn about our upcoming Human Xperiments.